Porsche 912        Dealer POSTER

About the Porsche 912 Dealer Showroom POSTER

This poster is pretty collectable now and it comes as no surprise that they are highly sought after.


Specifically for the Porsche 912 owner, this Porsche 912 poster has become a true collector item.

Porsche 912 POSTER

Design by Volz

Issued in March 1965

This Dealer Showroom Poster is for sale !

Dealer showroom Porsche 912 POSTER showing a Porsche 912 with driver and three times colored 912

Photo credits: www.vintageautoposters.com   THANKS!

Book Porsche Showroom Posters showing page 37 The First 25 Years written by Everett Anton Singer

The Porsche 912 Showroom Poster is mentioned on page 37 in the book: PORSCHE SHOWROOM POSTERS – The First 25 YEARS, written by Everett Anton Singer

Book Porsche Showroom Posters The First 25 Years written by Everett Anton Singer

Photo credits: www.vintageautoposters.com   THANKS!

This is the first book where posters are direct scanned for spot-on color

50+ pages with hard-cover

12.25″ x 12.25″

Limited to 550 copies world-wide !

This book is for sale !

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